Bento Boxes

Classic, Basic & Standard Bento Sets
from $7.50/pax ($8.02 w/ GST) Min. 30pax
to $10.50/pax ($11.23 w/ GST) Min. 20pax

Biryani Set Meals

Authentic Biryani Set Meals
From $10/pax ($10.70 w/ GST)
to $12/pax ($12.84 w/ GST) Min. 20pax

Deluxe Bento & Lacquer Box

Deluxe Bento Sets & Lacquer Box Sets
From $10/pax ($10.70 w/ GST) Min. 15pax
to $25/pax ($26.75 w/ GST) Min. 10pax

Webinar Bento Sets

$26.80/pax ($28.67 w/ GST)
to $39.80/pax ($42.59 w/ GST)
Min. 5pax (Multiple Delivery Locations)

Mini Buffet Sets

From $188/set ($201.16 w/ GST)
to $288/set ($308.16 w/ GST)
For Minimum 10sets

Live Stations

Live Stations
Complete with Live Cooking Set up
 (Min 2 Live Stations)

South Indian Buffets

South Indian Buffets
from $9.90 ($10.60 w/GST) Min 50pax
to $28.90 ($25.56 w/GST) Min 30pax

North Indian Buffets

North Indian Buffets
from $23.80 (25.46 w/ GST) Min 30pax
to $39.90 ($42.69 w/ GST) Min 30pax

Tea Reception Buffets

Tea Reception Buffets
From $3 ($3.21 w/ GST) min 120pax
To $15 ($16.05 w/ GST) Min 25pax